Alcohol & College Life

Course Description

With an awareness that students arrive on campus with varied experience regarding alcohol and other drug use, Alcohol & College Life works to fill gaps in knowledge and counter potentially dangerous myths. Our "teach don’t preach" approach supports non–drinkers, gives strategies to those who do choose to drink, and fosters the health, safety, and well–being of students to maximize their academic and co–curricular experience.

Course Themes

Is alcohol use really an issue on college campuses? Alcohol use in America is explored through current statistics, cultural norms, common influences, and historical events before examining the culture on campuses.

What effects does alcohol have on the body? At what point is someone impaired?

  • Understanding alcohol’s effects on major organs and systems of the body and specifically on adolescent development
  • Using the Epidemiological Model to explore differences based on external and internal characteristics of individuals, such as sex and genetic inheritance
  • Identifying the physiological characteristics of intoxication

Negative consequences of substance abuse are common. Students explore these consequences to make informed decisions.

  • Common negative consequences
  • Overview of potential legal issues related to underage drinking and other problematic drinking behaviors
  • Introduction to warning signs of chemical dependence and strategies for intervention

Academic, social, and financial pressure are some of the challenges students face in college. Strategies are provided to help students be healthy and successful.

  • Tips for time management and academic success
  • Importance of a balanced social life and fostering healthy relationships
  • Strategies for safe use of alcohol for those who choose to drink

Students are informed about other potentially harmful or addictive substances.

  • College perspectives on marijuana, tobacco and nicotine, caffeine and other stimulant use
  • Issues that arise from prescription drug misuse
Opening quotes

Covers the vitals that all college students should know.

Closing quotes
Opening quotes

I think this course has really helped me to realize my full potential and reach my goals.

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Opening quotes

This course brought to light many truths I was not aware of. I was learning from day one.

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Opening quotes

This class was very helpful to me in restructuring my life so that I can succeed and be happy in college. It also made me aware of my drinking habits and how to use alcohol more safely.

Closing quotes
Opening quotes

I think every student should have to take this course. It does not require much of your time, but the information in each lesson is something that every college student should be educated on.

Closing quotes

After taking the course,*

95% of students reported being confident in using alcohol safely and responsibly
93% of students reported being confident in being successful academically
90% of students reported being confident in developing and maintaining healthy relationships

*2014 course evaluation data from the U of MN’s Office of Measurement Services