Committed to inclusion and universal design

Inclusion and universal design for learning are fundamental values ingrained in everything we do and create.

Inclusive Content

The lesson text features inclusive language, and we strive to represent a variety of gender identities/expressions, sexual orientations, physical sizes, spiritual beliefs, cultural identities, races/ethnicities, and other backgrounds and perspectives in our student interview videos. This adds to the relevance and approachability of our curriculum and helps foster respect for differences.

Further, the evidence–informed content is presented in an unbiased way that respects students’ autonomy and encourages them to make their own informed decisions.

Universal Design

Our course materials are developed with multiple learning preferences and abilities in mind to maximize learning for all students.

  • Intuitive lesson interface
  • Alternative text for all images and charts
  • Closed–captioning on all videos
  • Audio–narration of all lesson text
  • Progress bar
  • Highlighter tool
  • Accessible via screen reader
  • Downloadable transcripts and audio files available for all required lesson content

Opening quotes

The lesson system features and functionality are excellent for diverse learning styles.

Closing quotes—LDA Minnesota & the Autism Society of Minnesota
Opening quotes

It provided many viewpoints to the subject matter, which increased my consideration and tolerance of how the people around me may have different opinions than me.

Closing quotes—Sexuality Matters student
Opening quotes

...I am so proud to be affiliated with a program that recognizes and IMPLEMENTS practices to recognize all of our students...

Closing quotes—University of Minnesota–Duluth Instructor
Opening quotes

I enjoy the fact that the lessons are spoken in a student’s voice, which makes paying attention easier.

Closing quotes—Alcohol & College Life student
Opening quotes

I love the videos and the testimonies from students that I can relate to. It makes the course way more interesting.

Closing quotes—Sleep, Eat & Exercise student